Fight your worst nightmares by  becoming their own...Nightmare!

Enter the world of your worst nightmares in this fast-paced action game that allows you to become the hero you always wanted to be by fighting back and defeating the creatures of dreams you once  dreaded...

Let your hero sleep and see how long you will be able to survive the world that awaits in Nightmare Killer.


ActionKeyboard / Mouse
MovementWASD / Arrow Keys
Left Stick
AimMouseRight Stick
FireLeft Mouse Button
Right Trigger
Swap Weapon
Q and E
Left and Right Bumper
DashSpaceX [PS4] / A [XBOX]


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The character feels pretty imobile  compared to the speed of those skeleton's atacks, and also i think the dash is to small. But I like your art!

I see what You mean, we were trying to make the game more difficult by decreasing the speed of the player and increasing the speed of the enemies but we've gotten quite a lot of feedback now saying that wasn't the best decision. I thought the dash would mitigate that issue but like You said it's probably too small. Thank You for the feedback and I'm glad You liked the art! 😄